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Friday, July 30, 2010

Do You Hear a Bell?

St Leo Abbey, Florida

Welcome to Bell of the Wanderer.

“In the 16th Century The Bell of the Wanderer was a special bell that rang every night to call to the wandering traveler or anyone overcome by the intimidating forest darkness.  In Scotland at Arbroath the abbots fixed a floating bell on a notoriously treacherous rock on the Forfashire coast. Depending on the tide, the rock was scarcely visible and many a sailor was frightened at the prospect of striking it. It was the waves that caused the bell to sound..warning the sailors of the danger ahead. “

From: How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization   Thomas E  Woods

Not too many of us are literally concerned with negotiating through the blackness of a forest or lay awake at night worried about our  physical ship slamming into the rocks of the nearest coastline, but a lot of us are treading through very dark times in our families, churches, neighborhoods and most certainly ..our country. The waves of our struggles are causing all kinds bells to sound. You’ve heard them. They ring out every day on cable news and the internet. It’s quite overwhelming at times. It gets awful loud and I’m not sure the travelers know where to turn and take shelter anymore.

I don’t want to be just another noisy bell…I want to be a bell that rings out to the wanderer lost in this cultural chasm of confusion calling out to all : Come in and find shelter in the love, mercy and truth of God ..

I have been almost shipwrecked by many trials in my life and the only way I survived was because by God’s mercy, grace and yes, truth… I heard someone ring the bell for a wanderer.

And I came in out of the dangers of the night.

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